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The 21st Century is an urban century, with six billion (>66% of the world population) projected to call cities home by 2050. Our vision is to ensure that these future cities are climate-resilient, sustainable, and livable.

Welcome to Climate-Resilient Cities Lab!

We are a multidisciplinary group, led by Dr Negin Nazarian, dedicated to exploring the climate impact in the built environment and realizing pathways to making our cities climate-resilient. Through our research, we aim to address the pressing challenges of urban climate (such as urban heat, ventilation, energy, and air quality) using a range of established and emerging methods such as climate modeling, environmental sensing, and IoT technologies.Β Our team spans a broad range of expertise including climate scientists, engineers, data experts, and architects, and we aspire to enhance cutting-edge scientific, economic, and planning-related research that can aid decision-makers and stakeholders about the impacts of climate change on cities.

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Network & International Research Collaborations

Our team members and students have the opportunity to collaborate with our sister labs all around the world. Dive into the details of these labs by clicking on the dots.

Dive into details by clicking on the dots.

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